TFL Valves


1. Ball Valve 

 TFL Ball Valves are quarter turn valves, commonly used for bidirectional isolation applications. Since the ball moves across the seats in a wiping motion, ball valve is an excellent and cheapest shut off device for DN50 and lesser CHW pipelines to blockages due to debris in the medium. When fully open, the TFL Ball valve has no obstruction in the flow path resulting in very low friction loss. TFL Ball Valves could be installed in any direction on the pipe.

2.Gate Valve

TFL Gate Valves are actuated by a threaded stem which connects the actuator (e.g. hand wheel or motor) to the gate. They are characterized as having either a rising or a non-rising stem, depending on which end of the stem is threaded. Rising stems are fixed to the gate and rise and lower together as the valve is operated, providing a visual indication of valve position.



TFL strainer is used in piping system as a mode of filtration, there by protecting critical equipment components from contamination that may be carried by the medium. All dimension of TFL strainers have stainless Steel perforated screen with a blow down function. TFL strainer could be installed in the pipe in the horizontal and vertical directions.

4. Butterfly Valve

TFL Butterfly Valves are quarter turn valves, used for bidirectional isolation and throttling applications. The TFL Valves are manufactured in Wafer and Lugged types and may be Lever or Gear operated. The valves are available with Cast or Ductile iron body and internally EPDM-lines seat providing a resilient bubble tight shut off for total isolation. The discs are available in highly robust materials – Nickel Plate Ductile Iron or Stainless steel. TFL Butterfly Valves could be installed in any direction on the pipe except the position with negative angle in respect to top side of the valve, to avoid condensation on the gear box.


5.Check Valve

FL Check Valves operates automatically to allow fluid to flow in only one direction. The valves serve for the pump protection from the revers flow and water hammer. Check valves may also be required in lines feeding the secondary CHW system, in which the pressure can rise above that of the primary system. TFL Wafer Swing Check valve (DN65 and above) are suitable for mounting between flanged as per BS EN 1092:2 Standard and available in two different designs: Dual plated Type (Double Door, Spring Loaded) & Thin Swing Type (Gravity Actuated) with Cast or Ductile Iron or Carbon Steel body, with Ductile Iron/ Carbon Steel disk materials.
TFL Swing Check Valves could be installed on the pipe in the horizontal and vertical (upstream) directions. The wafer design enables easy installation, has lesser weight, lesser space requirement and easy maintenance compared to flanged models.


1.Danfoss Pressure Independent Balance Control Valves(PIBCV)

A Pressure Independent Control Valve, or PICV as it is commonly known, is a multi-functional valve, combining the operation of 3 different valves in one convenient and compact unit. The PICV acts as a differential pressure control valve, a regulating valve and a 2-port control valve.

Danfoss PIBCV
Danfoss DPCV

2.Danfoss Differential Pressure Control Valve (DPCV)

This will provide dynamic balance required in variable flow systems. It is essential modern hydronic systems. They provide dynamic balancing to react to pressure changes to from the pump and to keep constant pressure in the circuits.

3.Danfoss Double Regulating valves(DRV)

Double regulating balancing valves helps to reduce the impact of pressure changes in the system. A double regulating valve, also referred to as a balancing valve, is used in plumbing to control water temperature. This type of valve is widely used in showers.




1.Hybrid Systems

Immergas hybrid systems are the ideal solution for new homes with integrated heating, cooling and domestic hot water production systems in accordance with the standards of European regulations on the use of renewable energy sources. They are hydraulically and electrically designed for being combined with heat pumps and solar heating, with reduced space requirements and effective solutions for small and large sized apartments.

2.Heat Pumps

Immergas air-water heat pumps use external air as a renewable energy source. Excellent for cooling and heating homes, offices and new buildings, they provide one of the best solutions in terms of energy efficiency, low running costs and reduction of polluting emissions. Similarly, heat pump water heaters use aerothermal energy for heating domestic hot water.

Heat pumps
Gas boilers

3. Gas boilers

All Immergas traditional boilers are suitable for replacement in old heating systems. The range offers many products suitable for any system requirement and comfort need, offering hi-tech, compact, ecological and storage versions.

4. Water Heaters

The Immergas range of water heaters offers compact products for instantaneous domestic hot water production, for indoors or outdoors installation, in a partially protected area. Different versions are available to meet different system and space requirements.

water heaters



It is the largest supplier of potable water distribution products in North America along with Anvil International, are subsidiaries of Mueller water products, Inc.



1. Butterfly Valve

Tozen BFV (wafer type), BFV-L (full lugged type), and BFV-D (flanged type) are soft sealing butterfly valves for installation with flanges drilled in accordance with JIS, ANSI, BS, DIN, etc. Overall lengths are in accordance with ISO 5752 series 20. Actuator mounting flanges conform to ISO 5211.
Tozen butterfly valves are highly competitive with their absolutely tight sealing, corrosion resistance and low operational torque requirement. Thus, minimal operational wear and an extended service life are the long-term benefits committed to users.

2.Check Valve

SCV-W WAFER TYPE DOUBLE DOOR SILENT CHECK VALVE with spring return and resilient seat. Short face-to-face dimension and light weight. Suitable for both horizontal and vertical piping installation. Various materials for body, disc, trim and seat are available.


3.Flexible joints

Tozen rubber/elastomer flexible connectors are widely used in piping and pumping application in the following industries: Suction and delivery pumping lines for air-conditioning, ventilation system and chilled water installation. Rubber/elastomer flexible connectors provide efficient but economic ways to accommodate pressure loads, relieve movement stress, reduce noise, isolate vibration, compensate for misalignment after plants go on stream, and prolong life of motive equipment. Special built-in features will also eliminate electrolysis, counter expansion and contraction against start up surge forces.
Tozen expansion joints are used widely in building services industry and other general industrial uses. It is designed to accommodate vibration and thermal expansion to reduce transmission of noise on a vide range of systems. These include steam, condense, hot wate, and heating and air conditioning systems. Other applications include power generation plant, offshore (gas and oil rigs), problem, Tozen expansion joints can be your best choice to solve it.




Nitta Corporation manufactures a complete line of hose and tubing products with the same customer-focused approach to design, build, and support as Nitta belting. Nitta Corporation of America offers low- and high-pressure Linemate thermoplastic hose products manufactured in Japan. These durable, lightweight hoses are clean and eco-friendly and allow for easy piping due to small OD and tight bend radius. Assembly is quick and simple with swage or exclusive push-one “Campucka” couplings.

Nitta Corporation of America offers low- and high-pressure Linemate thermoplastic hose products manufactured in Japan. These durable, lightweight hoses are clean and eco-friendly and allow for easy piping due to small OD and tight bend radius. Assembly is quick and simple with swage or exclusive push-one “Campucka” couplings.



Cocomech is a respectable manufacturing firm based out of Japan since 1950. Its major products include

  • PEX Pipes
  • Spiral-Nut Method Fittings
  • One Push Press Fittings
  • Toggle Method Fittings




Kurashiki Kako is an ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System approved, as well as UL FM certified. It is a reputed manufacturer for Industrial Vibrators, based out of Japan.

The various products of Kurashiki are vibration isolators, Flexible connectors.




Klimallco is a world class company based out of Southern Greece, which provides air systems to operate in extreme weather conditions – from the humid heat of the Middle East  to the freezing Arctic conditions of the Siberian winter. The major produacts include Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units and Air/ Water Cooled Chillers




Established in 1971, NFK launched their business as the experts of installation of flexible tubes and bellows based out of Japan.The major products are
Threaded Type Flexible Hose , Flange Type Flexible Hose, Fire Law Flexible Hose, Quick Connection Flexible Hose, Expansion Joints

Spire Metering

Spire Metering


Spire Metering Technology offers one of the broadest, most affordable lines of flow measurement and energy metering products in the industry today. Spire metring is based out of USA. The BTU Meters, Water Meters, Gas Meters




NOREVA nozzle check valves are used in applications where the reverse flow of a fluid has to be avoided.
These valves are suitable for all kind of liquid and gaseous fluids and fire safe by design.
The high economic efficiency of our nozzle check valves is a result of very low pressure losses and the maintenance-free design.
Due to short strokes and low moving masses the valves can close slam-free within fractions of seconds.