We are an established supplier of valves, fittings, pipes, air systems etc dedicated in providing expert technical service and support to clients globally through self innovation, customer empathy and sustainability.


Our story is unique in its own way and our growth and success rival the best in the global market. We started in 1998 as Hassan Al Braiki Technical Services in Dubai, UAE and in May 2000, Technoflow Trading LLC came about along with the realization that we could make it big in the HVAC industry. It was also the beginning of our long running business relationship with Danfoss, Slovenia followed by Latis, Italy and Tozen, Thailand.

 While continuing to expand, Technoflow moved to Rashidiya, Dubai in September 2006 which is its ongoing head office up to present. In 2007, Tecnoflow Industries LLC was opened in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

Technoflow also made its presence known in other GCC countries such as Qatar where it has been operating since 2007 and it was officially registered as Technoflow Qatar WLL in 2010. Simultaneously, Technoflow Trading and Installation of Fire Fighting Equipment was registered in Dubai, UAE.

A major resurgence of the company was seen in early 2011 with its present divisions; Air Systems, Building Services, Chillers, Energy & Solar, Fire Protection, Generators, Industrial & Infrastructure and Marine & Oil & Gas. It also upgraded its product line from actuators, AHUs & FCUs, generators, pipes & fittings, solar to valves & accessories. Its operations continuously spread out its operations in the GCC regions. Ever since, Technoflow conducted business with highly respected manufacturers firmly leaving its mark on the HVAC industry. Today, Technoflow has become the company that all other companies aspire to be and still constantly challenging itself to be at its best. Having firmly left its mark on the HVAC industry, Technoflow achieved its position as a strong market leader in providing internationally recognized quality, safe, reliable and energy-efficient products and solutions for the construction, energy, infrastructure, marine, oil & gas and waste water industries. Technoflow is a small part of Century Mechanical Systems, a group consisting of 28 companies operating in 11 countries. It plays a vital role in the manufacture and global distribution of a large variety of product brand solutions such as HVAC air-side grilles and diffusers, ducting, air filters, MEP accessories, laundry equipment and services and printing solutions.

Our Mission

To be a market leader in providing internationally recognized quality, safe, reliable and energy efficient products and solutions for the HVAC, Water, Marine, Oil and Gas Industries, alongside solar assisted ACs and LED lighting products for the Middle East, Northern Africa (MENA).

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be true for life to our valuable customers with our products in quality and assurance.

Message from The Management

  • Our goal is to be a market leader as well to counter tough competition in the market, It has been challenging for us to always re – innovate our identity to cater to the ever – changing needs of our clients. We took advantage of technology and made wide use of our global partners and human assets to provide real – world solutions to the HVAC industry.
  • As part of re- structuring, we widen out our international presence to reach the needs of customers worldwide. Moreover, we have created a small business units and have expanded our product lines to fulfill the needs of other market segments which were overlooked before. Seeking to grow and prosper over the next years, we have made alliances with strong companies who are ready to back us up until the end.
  • Amidst this transformation, we have never forgotten our social and environment responsibilities. In fact, we have customized our products to be energy – efficient, environmental friendly and cost – effective.
  • We aim to expand our field of business through the development of advanced, solution services. Additionally, we try to minimize waste as well as to cut cost by promoting a ‘paperless’ society, encouraging our people to be efficient and challenging them ‘to make things happen’.