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We are an established supplier of valves, fittings, pipes, air systems etc dedicated in providing expert technical service and support to clients globally through self innovation, customer empathy and sustainability.


Our story is unique in its own way and our growth and success rival the best in the global market. We started in 1998 as Hassan Al Braiki Technical Services in Dubai, UAE and in May 2000, Technoflow Trading LLC came about along with the realization that we could make it big in the HVAC industry. It was also the beginning of our long running business relationship with Danfoss, Slovenia followed by Latis, Italy and Tozen, Thailand.

Our Mission

To be a market leader in providing internationally recognized quality, safe, reliable and energy efficient products and solutions for the HVAC, Water, Marine, Oil and Gas Industries, alongside solar assisted ACs and LED lighting products for the Middle East, Northern Africa (MENA).

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be true for life to our valuable customers with our products in quality and assurance.




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Air Systems

As it has been the company’s goal to focus on the changing needs of our customers and the demands of HVAC professionals worldwide, we have established a specific business unit dealing with air handling and fan coil unit requirements for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Without differentiating our need from our clients, we set our sights to innovate and build opportunities to improve health, efficiency, comfort as well as care for the environment. We pride ourselves to offer products that guarantee not quality but precision with focus on clean indoor air quality. These innovative products are characterized with extreme versatility, the use of high technology, the strength and durability, the design with attention to every detail. Our high quality standards are secured with internationally valid certification.

Building Services

We play a significant role in determining client’s needs to offer the best solution for residential or commercial developments, construction, electrical systems and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. It offers internationally certified products for the design, installation, operation and monitoring of the mechanical, electrical and public health systems required for the safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation of modern buildings. As an act of assurance design analysis of the project requirement is done and optimum suitable solution is provided. Known as a solution based company, the division provides product and expert service to all the major clients and contractors in the region to name a few, MASDAR, ADNOC, ALDAR, Sheikh Suroor Project Division, Musanada etc.

Energy & Solar

Energy & Solar ventures into alternative energy and conservation concentrating on downstream solutions for energy efficient, cost-effective and environmental friendly products. Additionally, the division plays a significant role in helping combat climate change in the area of renewable energy, sustainability and low carbon technology. Endeavoring to understand market needs, we tailor these needs to the products and services we offer such as hybrid solar air conditioning units, solar powered mobile floodlights and solar tracker streetlights. These items incorporate new energy – saving methods and are designed with new and improved energy conservation features for buildings, utilities and public amenities. Moving towards sustainability is not just being able to provide energy-efficient products. It also means helping our clients to achieve the needed transformation cost-effectively by showing them a reasonable return on investment through a detailed cost-benefit analysis.

Industrial & Infrastructure

Industrial & Infrastructure division is associated with the flow control requirements of district cooling and heating applications, airport infrastructure, potable and sewage networks, desalination plants, sewage treatment plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, etc. The division is composed of competent and experienced professionals who carry our Industrial & Infrastructure developments with sustainable solutions in collaboration with governments and commercial customers to help improve the quality of life for communities and people in the Middle East region. Our expertise can be shown on enviable record of the most prestigious projects in the region. We have built alliances with renowned global companies who produce reliable products in terms of quality to suit not just the preference of our customers but also to fulfill governmental requirements on green building. Through comprehensive awareness in the market we come to know the newest technologies at first hand. From where we stand now, we are confident to undertake any type of Industrial & Infrastructure projects any place in the world. With constant improvement of technical skill combined with long experience, we could execute whatever job with operational efficiency.

Fire Protection

Created as part of Technoflow’s structural change, this business unit covers well – selected product lines for fire protection systems from multinational manufacturers. It also provides assistance in design and engineering in accordance with NFPA standards for water, foam and gas based applications. Understanding the risks involves, we ensure our products are approved and certified by third party testing organisations like UL, FM, LPCB and VDS. As a commercial organisation hat fosters change and brings extraordinary results, our products are designed, engineered and manufactured to bring excellence in quality and reliability. We provide complete fire protection solutions for building, infrastructure, oil and gas, marine and industrial jobs. Extensive sales network and comprehensive range of products makes us the choice partner for all your project requirements. Exceptional quality, reliability, on – time delivery and reasonable price are our paramount principles to be competitive in the market.

Marine, Oil & Gas

Meeting the demands of marine, offshore, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, our division is engaged in the supply of valves, pipes, fittings, flanges and other pipeline equipment. Marine and offshore activities involves new buildings, repairs, conversions and refurbishment of all types of marine vessels – VLCC, FPSO, FSO, tankers, bargers, tugs, landing crafts, anchor handling boats, yachts, military ships, oil rigs etc while oil and gas deals with refineries, storage and processing facilities. To guarantee optimised products and positive customer feedback, we promote third party inspected/class approved valves, pipes and related pipeline fittings and equipment fully certified with ANSI, BS EN, DIN & JIS specifications combined with ex-stock and just in time delivery. Comprise of highly motivated dynamic and reliable engineers, the highest level of professional services are ensured to our customers. This is reinforced by comprehensive support from overseas principals as well as high quality approved products produced from third party approved foundries & mills, which posses ISO 9001/2008 Quality Management Systems.


Reeftech Services LLC

Specialized in HVAC third party testing and commissioning, Generator rentals, Performance contracting. We are a subsidiary of CMS global and our sister concern is Technoflow Trading L.L.C., Technoflow has become the leading supplier of HVAC Valves and accessories in U.A.E and MENA region, with offices in 6 cities worldwide. Performance Contracting is an energy centric division involved in Generation (Renewable), Measurement & Efficiency enhancement of energy. Our focus is towards greener & cleaner economy.

Testing & Commissioning

Testing and Balancing plays a vital role in commissioning process of HVAC system. The proper commissioning of Air/Water distribution system is crucial to ensure the correct operation of the building which it serves, and any of the associated building services plant. It’s important that the system is balanced to deliver the design condition and optimum power consumption, which is possible only through Testing and balancing.

Performance Contracting

It is a funding method of using guaranteed energy savings to implement facility improvements, equipment upgrades and energy – efficiency techniques. The division helps in sourcing the money from energy savings through utility expense reductions over the course of several years. Utility savings are realized through the implementation of various energy conservation measures (ECMs) that may include high efficiency lighting retrofit, computer controlled energy management and the replacement, redesign of older inefficient HVAC equipment and system among others.


This division provides reliable Power Generators Powered by world famous diesel engines required for running machinery and allied equipment either additionally or in lieu of power supplied by local authority. Keeping ready stock of Diesel Generators both Close & Open Type on Rental & Sales basis backed up with spare parts and 24/7 after sales service gives us the winning edge in the market.


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